Courses for Natural Remedies for Distress, Depression, and Anxiety

Natural remedies for anxiety have been around for thousands of years. While they may not seem as sexy as modern apps, the advantage of practical heart skills is the overwhelming evidence that supports their use. Even better, these skills are already part of who you are.

Featured Course: How to Create and Use Music Rites

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The “natural” thing about music is that it reaches most of us on a deep level. Beyond the intellectual or the skillful, mastering leverage your innate responses to rhythm and sound is a highly desirable way to also master depression, distress, and anxiety. You may have heard that music is powerful, but, for most people, that’s like only seeing the part of the iceberg that’s above the waterline. The power of music goes much deeper. It’s great that people understand this, but the few who dig deeper into their own connection to music also find a new depth of joy, personal power, and ability be more effective in and more peaceful with the craziness of life.

This historic course – as far as we know, nothing like this has been taught for perhaps thousands of years – is a necessary and vital self-exploration of the how and why behind the use of music as a tool. Although the science is ancient, modern research is finally catching up and confirming what you can prove for yourself: music works.

Natural, Self-Evident Remedies Reconnect You with Your Innate Edge

We all have practical heart skills. They’re innate. Even if you don’t believe that’s true, when you use practical heart skills, you reconnect with your deep inner wisdom. That’s just how it works. As you learn and use practical heart skills, you also begin to re-wire your habits for good.

Often, coursework with practical heart skills serves as a reminder – a way to recall those skills you already possess. Much of what sets human beings apart is that simple! While modern technology can confuse your gut-level intuition, make you dependent on a third party for progress, and, in some ways, create more anxiety in the process, what good is that? Instead of chasing the latest app, take back control of your self-care at your own speed and uncover your own innate edge – the natural remedy for anxiety that’s already on board with you right now.