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Services for chronic stress relief? Of course! Services for personal and team transformation? You bet! If you or your organization are hovering over unresolved difficulties, you’re not alone. You deserve the soar with the eagles, and the good news is that you can!

Challenges such as DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) are the perfect invitation to make the pivot from what some call “3D consciousness” to “5D consciousness” – to become skilled in compassion, gratitude, or acceptance, for example, rather than just checking the boxes on some compliance form.

We all have practical heart skills. They’re innate. Even if you don’t believe that’s true, learning practical heart skills reconnects you with your deep inner wisdom. That’s just how it works. Even better, learning a practical heart skill tends to re-wire habits for good…for you, your team, your entire organization.

While you can collect course content around self-care skills for chronic stress relief, there are often times when we humans need a coach to walk alongside us to refine our practice, offer advice, and suggest self-accountable metrics that keep our focus and our edge. More than a drill instructor, you deserve a practical heart skills sensai. We’ve got that.

  • Train yourself in emotional agility
  • Learn to make a Silver Bullet Playlist
  • Explore the ways you can soar beyond stress into esteem, self-actualization, and even transcendence safely and reliably

Whether you want an accountability coach alongside your individual practice, or if you and your organization are ready for a deeper dive into self-care for chronic stress relief or transformation, please use this form to contact us. We look forward to delighting you with your own results.