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The world is full of people who offer us ways towards what we want. Once you know precisely what you want, and combine that with an honest assessment of exactly what you have, creation takes over. The amazing individuals on this page can help you in that creative journey. Spend some time with them; we think you’ll be amazed, too.

Valerie Sheppard

In her own words, Valerie is a “recovering corporate executive on radical sabbatical.” She’s had a successful 30+ year career in marketing, including running a portfolio of brands worth close to $1 billion. She’s a member of SAG/AFTRA and has performed in various ways since the age of three. She’s also a catastrophic-stroke survivor, inspirational keynote speaker, university lecturer, and CEO of The Heartly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery™ (formerly The Heart of Living Vibrantly).

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Dave Brisbin

Dave is an experienced Teaching Pastor, author, speaker, and coach with a demonstrated history of working in the religious institutions industry and nonprofit organizations. Skilled in Spiritual Direction, Crisis Intervention, Pastoral Counseling, and Conflict Resolution, Dave is also a business development professional with a strong background in corporate and marketing communications, a BA in English Lit/Writing, and MA focused in Divinity. Dave has spent more than 20 years working in ministry and non-profit endeavors and has prior experience directing corporate communications with a focus on understanding the concerns of corporate executives and bringing solutions for centered living.

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Avishai El

Avishai El is the international best-selling author of “The Power of Why.” She operates in the world as a holistic health coach, certified raw food educator, lifestyle expert, blogger, and host of the Avi Unfiltered podcast. As a holistic health coach, Avi has successfully taught people everything from weight loss to how to get rid of chronic illnesses using holistic protocols.

Avi is a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, car accidents, familial hemiplegic migraine, spinocerebellar ataxia type 6, possible mast cell leukemia and non hodgkins lymphoma, burns, and endometriosis, which gives her authentic, lived experience in her specialty: natural healing. She works with open-minded, empathic, professional, and entrepreneurial women to teach them how to get rid of stress, drop the pounds, and create the life they deserve through nutrition and lifestyle changes…all without sacrificing their food favorites and authenticity.

Avi is Founder of “Eat Stress Away 12-Week Holistic Health Coaching and Life-Coaching Program” and “Avi,” her organic, vegan, cruelty free, personal, and lifestyle brand. She’s an avid vegan and warrior for human rights, and believes that all people have a right to peace.

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Steven Morrison

Steven is known in certain circles as a former psychotherapist, an author, and creator of Spiritual Workout®.  He has been practicing and facilitating this work for 25 years and with more than 100,000 hours of clinical/practical experience, he has cultivated a mastery of it.

Steven does what he does because he has learned, unequivocally, that we humans don’t have to suffer.  None of us, for any reason.  No matter who we are, what race we are, what gender (if you have one) no matter what religion or socioeconomic background we come from, no matter what our struggles are, we can change our lives and make them happy with this practice. That’s because none of this practice is made up or new.  It’s ancient.  It’s what all the gurus and authors and teachers and religions and philosophies and spiritual disciplines have always said.  Steven does this work because it’s time to anchor it all into our daily life experiences.

Mostly, however, Steven does this work for an incredibly selfish reason:  he wants to live in a world that works for everyone.

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